This supplemental wing stabilizer has been found to be effective in wet soil to help prevent the fence from leaning over in extreme weather conditions. If your portable baseball fence order included the galvanized steel wing anchors, slip the steel anchor over the PVC sleeve and position it 6 to 8 inches below ground level.

For 6 ft fences, we provide two of these wings per sleeve. In this case, the wings should be ‘stacked’ with one wing facing home plate, and the other facing the outfield. This helps solidify the higher fence in the event of strong winds. Once the brackets have been positioned, back-fill the hole with dirt, making certain that a level is used to keep the sleeve in a perfectly straight, upright position. The open face should face home plate if only one wing stabilizer is utilized.

NOTE: It is important to allow the dirt around the sleeves a few days to set up in the ground, as loosely packed dirt may not immediately be strong enough to hold the fence upright. Once the ground hardens around the sleeve, your mount should hold up to realistic wind conditions.

Contact us if you need any assistance with your portable baseball fence.