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Sportaflex is a modular, portable, lightweight fencing system designed for athletic and recreational playing fields, ski areas, or crowd control. Our long-lasting fencing in two sizes consists of individual aluminum alloy frames with vinyl mesh attached and a patented safety feature to reduce the risk of injury upon collision. This system is easy to install and meets all relevant ASTM standards. Contact us for your home run fence needs

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Home Run Fence

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Unbreakable Enduro and Grand Slam Poles

STOP REPLACING BROKEN PLASTIC POLES.  The SPRING-POLE is a revolutionary design that solves the problem of constantly replacing expensive plastic poles used in Enduro or GrandSlam fencing systems.

Enduro Fence System

Portable Chain Link Fence Panels

Our Sportaflex Portable Chain Link Fence Panels are heavy duty, 6’H x 10’ L panels used for home run, crowd control, sideline or construction security fencing. 

Portable Chain Link Fence Panels

dog kennel

Our Sportaflex Arizona Dog Kennels are easy to set up and modular for future growth. The portable kennel comes in sizes of 10 x 10, 10 x 20, or 10 x 30. Custom sizes are also available.

Arizona Dog Kennels


Sportaflex is a modular, portable, lightweight fencing system designed for use on athletic and recreational playing fields. An optional attachment allows Sportaflex Fence panels can be used on any level surface, indoors or out, providing a valuable tool for crowd control and event management

Home Run Fence

economy FENCE

Never replace another plastic pole! The all-new Sportaflex Spring-pole system combines a steel spring with a strong aluminum pole for maximum strength. Upon impact the spring bends, then reverts to its upright position.

Home Run Fence

field trailer

Our Sportaflex Field Transport Trailer makes it easy to get your fence from storage to the field. Store your ground mounts inside the front storage box and keep your fence ready to roll to any field. 5 ‘ x 8’ and holds up to 2,000 lbs.

Home Run Fence

mounting options

Base Anchor (Grass)

For venues that want a quick setup for a short-term event, These are designed to be used with t-posts.

portable sports fencing

Post Anchor (Grass)  

Post anchor is available with a spring option, which is designed to reduce the risk of injury. Upon impact, it is designed to absorb the blow from a collision, then right itself to its original position.

portable sports fencing

Steel Baseplate (Turf) 

For venues that utilize artificial turf, our steel base-plates offer an alternative to drilling through expensive turf. These baseplates are also excellent for crowd control.

portable sports fencing


…Wanted to thank you both again for all of your effort in providing Northeastern  Athletics with your company’s fencing. It was an absolute hit this fall and garnered a ton of positive feedback from our players and fans. 

Justin – Club Sports Administrative & Operations Assistant

Northeastern University

…We have had great feedback on our baseball homerun fence and now we are looking to purchasing one for our softball field.

Adrian – Athletics Supervisor

City of Lighthouse Point, Florida

…No doubt THIS is the way to go. We were replacing numerous poles with the “old” version (non-spring), with the spring pole upgrade we have saved a significant amount of time and money. 


Kandice – Tucson Invitational Games

Tucson, Arizona

…they are working out great and everyone really likes them.  

Tim – Public Works/Field Operations Supervisor

Cooper City, Florida

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Reach out to us to find out more about how our portable home run fence options can turn your field into a baseball or softball field.