portable home run fence mounting options


The Post anchor is available with a spring option, which is designed to reduce the risk of injury.

Upon impact, it is designed to absorb the blow from a collision, then right itself to its original position.

portable home run fence



For venues that utilize artificial turf, our steel base-plates offer an alternative to drilling through expensive turf. These portable home run fence baseplates are also excellent for crowd control.

The baseplate is available in a spring-mount version that allows the fence to flex upon impact, or in moderately high winds.

portable home run fence

rubber mounts

Our rubber mount is an alternative to the steel baseplate. It was designed for customers that cannot accept any part of the mount protruding into the field of play. While it weighs the same as our steel base plate, it can be used initially without the spring option. Then later, when budgets permit, this same base can be turned around and support the spring mounts.

portable baseball fence

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