portable home run fence mounting options


Post anchor is available with a spring option, which is designed to reduce the risk of injury.

Upon impact, it is designed to absorb the blow from a collision, then right itself to its original position.

portable home run fence


For venues that utilize artificial turf, our steel base-plates offer an alternative to drilling through expensive turf. These portable home run fence baseplates are also excellent for crowd control.

The baseplate is available in a spring-mount version that allows the fence to flex upon impact, or in moderately high winds.

portable home run fence


For venues that want a quick setup for a short-term event, These are designed to be used with t-posts. A slot in the base allows a t-post to be inserted so that it can be driven into the ground such as a weekend tournament, and who cannot install permanent ground sleeves, our base anchor is the perfect compromise. While not providing as much support as our post anchor, it will provide a mount that will sustain you through a short-term event.

portable baseball fence

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