Please read all instructions before beginning your installation of your Portable Home Run Fence.

  1. Hold a long string on rope (at least the length of your desired arc for the fence purchased) on the front edge of home
  2. Walk the string off in the outfield, placing various temporary paint marks (or stakes) on the foul lines, and at numerous points in the outfield so that the desired arc is easily
  3. Install First sleeve (sleeve #1) directly on the left field foul line. Be sure to use a level so that the sleeve is
  4. Insert the pole into the first sleeve on the mesh and stand up the
  5. Now follow the arc you have made and install the second sleeve 10’ from the center of the first
  6. Follow this process from left field to right until all sleeves are installed and the fence is correctly aligned on both the left field and right field foul lines. (Your arc may have to be slightly modified to get the rightmost fence panel aligned exactly on the right field line).
  7. The Economy Fence is equipped with two grommets (one on either side of the sleeves on the mesh. Once the fence has been fully installed, insert a zip-tie through the first grommet, then through the aluminum pole, then through the second grommet and tighten to remove any
  8. If you are using the aluminum poles with the plastic breakaway feature, the broken parts can be removed by inserted a 4’ piece of ½” electrical EMT through the aluminum pole. After fully inserting a new plastic insert, ensure that the aluminum and plastic fit snug together. In some colder weather, the characteristics of the plastic material may expand or contract by very small amounts. If the plastic insert is too loose, use duct tape or aluminum heating/ac ventilation tape to wrap the thinner portion of the plastic
  9. If sleeves are installed too close together, more sideways pressure is applied to the plastic insert and therefore, there is more chance for a breakage. (Please note that in extremely high wind areas, solid aluminum poles may be preferable to plastic breakaway inserts).
  10. The Sportaflex ground sleeves are shipped at 15” length. The fence portion below the ground is 11”. In rare cases, the breakaway plastic piece below ground level may break upon impact. This may make it difficult to retrieve the broken piece if it falls to the bottom of the 15: sleeve. You may choose to either cut the PVC ground sleeves to 11” or fill the hold made by the sleeve with dirt or gravel, so that the below ground portion of the pole does not fall down deep into the hole if a breakaway occurs below ground

NOTE for your Portable Home Run Fence: It is important to allow the dirt around the sleeves a few days to set up in the ground, as loosely packed dirt may not hold the fence upright. Once the ground hardens around the sleeve, your mount should hold up to realistic wind conditions.