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Sportaflex Modular Temporary Baseball Fence / Softball Fence



We at Sportaflex would like to thank you for choosing us for your baseball fence / softball fence needs. We strive to ensure complete satisfaction with your product.

Please inspect all products upon delivery for any damage that may have occured during shipping. If there is any damage, document the dammage (pictures) and file claims within (24) hours to ensure your claim is filed during the shippers claim window. Failing to file claims within this time may result in not receiving replacement parts. Also contact Sportaflex with notification of the damage.


Please read all documents prior to attempting assembly, installation, or use of any of the baseball fence / softball fence products.


Safety if our first priority. Please follow ALL proper safety guidelines including tool manufacturer’s safety guidelines. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Clothing
  • Gloves
  • Team lifting of completed panels

Panel Assembly

baseball fence

1) After unboxing, perform an inventory check to insure all components are included with your shipment and are in satisfactory condition. If there are any damaged components, please refer to page 2 of the manual.


Part No. Description Quant. per panel Total Quantity
001 Long Pipe 002 066
002 Short Pipe 002 066
003 “90” Elbow Fitting 002 066
004 “T” Fitting 002 066
005 Nylon Panel Net 001 033
006 Zip Tie 030 990
007 1/4-20 x 1/4″ Set Screw 008 264
baseball fence

Fig 01

2) Gather the parts required for a single panel, and lay them out as shown in fig 01 on a flat floor.

baseball fence

Fig 02

3) At the top left of the assembly, slide the “90” fittings over the short vertical poles about 1 3/8″ as shown in Fig Be sure the holes are facing up. Repeat for the right side.

baseball fence

Fig 03

4) At the bottom left of the assembly, Slide the “T” fitting up the short vertical pipe from the bottom with the holes facing up, and leaving about 1 5/8″ of the pole below the fitting as shown in fig 03. Repeat for the right side.

baseball fence

Fig 04

5) Your assembly should now look as shown in fig 04 if all went well. If not, disassemble and repeat necessary steps. Make one last check to be sure you are confident with your progress before proceeding.

baseball fence

Fig 05

6) Take the assembled left side and insert the long horizontal poles into the “90” fitting and the “T” fitting and lay flat on the floor. Repeat with the right side as shown in fig 05. Lay the whole frame flat on the floor and adjust   untill all components are flat and square. Note that all holes at this point will be facing up. the panel should measure about 4′-3 5/16″ (high) x 9′-7 3/8″ (wide) center of pole to center of pole.

softball fence

Fig 06

7) After ensuring all parts are flat and square, and measurements are right, insert the set screws into the holes of the “90” fittings and tighten them as shown in fig 06. A little more then snug should do. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN SCREWS!   This could result in stripped threads on the fittings.

softball fence

Fig 07

8) Move to the bottom of the assembly, and insert (2) set screws in the top 2 holes and tighten as shown in Fig Once again, DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN!

softball fence

Fig 08

9) Unroll the nylon panel mesh, and lay it inside the frame assembly as shown in Fig 08.

softball fence

Fig 09

10) Start at one corner, and insert a zip tie through the grommet in the mesh, then around the frame pole, and into the zip tie’s knuckle. DO NOT TIGHTEN ZIP TIES AT THIS TIME! Move along the frame and repeat it. Once all the Zip Ties are installed loosely, start tightening them to draw the mesh When done, there should be approximately a 1″ gap between the mesh and the frame all around the perimeter as shown in Fig 09. After all Zip Ties are tight, and you are satisfied with the panel, use side cutters and trim off the excess tail on the Zip Ties.

softball fence

Fig 10

11) Your panel is now complete. Repeat for the remaining baseball fence / softball fence panels and set aside.