For proper, safe, and timely of your baseball fence / softball fence installation, please take some time to do some prep work. Reference Fig 11.


  1. Have all utility lines and sprinkler lines clearly marked in utility line paint in order to prevent damage or injury prior to beginning
  2. Have plenty of manpower available to handle panels and
  3. Using a string and utility line paint, mark an arc of 210′-0″ with the center point on home plate. The arc should start at left field foul line, and continue to right field foul
  4. Mark the center of the arc in center field directly up from home plate/pitcher mound.
Softball Fence

Fig 11

Softball Fence

Fig 12

5. Referencing Fig 11, Start at the center of the arc, as it will be the center of one of the panels. Place a hole in the locations shown in the detail on Fig 11 on either side of the center of the arc. This may be done by using an auger, post hole digger, or other The hole will have to be a minimum of 1 3/4″, and a maximum of 12″  , and be 12″-14″ deep.

Softball Fence

Fig 13

6. Insert one of the PVC Tubes into the hole, It should be centered in the

baseball fence

Fig 14

7. Fill in the hole. Some may prefer to fill half with concrete, and soil on top, but solid fill will work as well. The top of the tube should be even with the ground as shown in fig 14. Repeat with the other pipes working around both sides of the center holes, and spacing the holes 118 1/8″ on center, and on the 210′ arc. It may be a good idea to actually install the mounts and panels as you move along in order to assure the underground pipes are centered properly. If you plan to go this route, temporary stay poles may be needed to ensure the panels remain upright until the holes are filled and packed (or until the concrete dries).

baseball fence

Fig 15

After all the underground pipes are installed, and when fence panels are not in use, insert caps to keep out debris and serve as a locator when installing panels in the future.

baseball fence

Fig 16

8. To install panels, first lay all panels on the ground in the approximate location to be installed. Remove all the marker caps from the undergound pipes.  Drop  a mounting base into each of the underground pipes as shown in Fig 16.

baseball fence

Fig 17

9. Starting at one end, have a helper lift the panels and drop them into the mounting bases at each end. Repeat with additional panels one after the other until you get to the end. Removal is reverse of installation, and don’t forget to replace the marker caps. 

We hope the installation process for your baseball fence / softball fence was successful.