To ensure proper installation of the Sportaflex Portable Sports Fencing, please follow these guidelines carefully.

  1. Sprinkler lines and heads must be clearly
  2. The arc of the outfield must be clearly measured and marked with spot-paint (such as utility line paint) or other material that indicates desired arc of the
  3. Sufficient staff on hand to transport fence sections and anchors from truck or storage area to
  4. Fence section should be laid out flat on the ground, away from the infield, in close approximation to the
  5. The Base Anchor installation is accomplished with Sportaflex Base Anchors and lag auger bolts (12” long and ¾” wide). Be sure to have a portable drill equipped with a ¾” fitting, as this is the standard bolt size shipped with the Sportaflex fence. Position the base anchor on the left-field foul line. Using a 12” lag auger bolt, insert the bolt through the guide in the center of the base anchor. Do not push the fixed guide in the center of the anchor into the turf, as this will make it more difficult to drill through the dirt accumulated in the guide. Be sure the lag auger bolt is at least ½” past the bottom tip of the guide. Begin drilling the lag auger bolt into the turf with a portable drill.  As the anchor bolt gets close to the turf, be sure to position the levelers in a T position, perpendicular to the arc of the fence. Continue to drill until the Base Anchor is snug against the turf (You should not be able to easily turn it.)
  6. Stand the first fence panel up and insert the leg into the cup facing the field. Note: The vertical edge of the first fence panel should be directly atop the foul line Be certain to insert the fence legs all the way into the cups on the anchor, to prevent balls from rolling under the fence.
  7. Next, follow the arc marked on the field and drill the lag auger bolt into the next Base Anchor, per instructions in Step 5 (above). NOTE: Do not drill all holes in advance of putting up the fence, as the fence legs may not align perfectly with the ground
  8. Mount the second leg of the first fence panel into the Post Anchor
  9. Continue this process along the line of your field arc until the fence is completely installed. Note: It is very important to lay out the fence panels flat on the ground as close to the arc line as possible to ensure that the final fence frame lines up with the opposite foul     If you see that the last fence panel will not line up with the foul pole, you can adjust the arc slightly before drilling in lag auger bolts. This process makes it much easier to align the fence perfectly, rather than having to reposition the base anchors.
  10. Optional Velcro (One-Wrap, 30 ft. available at Home Depot or Lowe’s) is recommended to hold top sections tighter in higher winds. If you choose to use Velcro, our customers find that the 1 1/2@” Velcro One- Wrap single piece product is the easiest to use, as it attaches to itself and it can be cut to the desired length of about 10 to 12
  11. Please call your rep in advance of your install, so that someone can be available to assist you with any questions during the Portable Sports Fencing installation process.