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5:41:00: This afternoon ‘s 7th inning of the match, Mookie Betts was punched for the Diamondbacks. Since then, the club (Twitter link) has confirmed that he’s fighting soreness in his center left finger.


There is no suggestion that there is even one reason for alarm, but if a betting-caliber player leaves a safety game, it opens the eye. The big star did not play the normal Dodger game, but for the short or long span of time, his support for the team is no wonder.

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For now, Betts will certainly return to the stage in the immediate future. Dodgers will be vigilant regardless of the size of their roster. Today, he replaced Betts for Edwin Ríos in the line-up, meaning that he would be the first to play for extra time should Betts pause for any time.


15:23: The public, including Heyman, have been told to Mets GM Brodie van Wagenen that Céspedes is already opting out of season. Luckily, Céspedes is sound and safe, but the issue of threat to COVID-19 triggered his decision the rest of the year.


That ends one of the worst stories of the 2020 season. As Tim Britton of The Athletic reports, in order to ensure transparency at the time of its initial statement, Van Wagenen and the Mets were unsure about Céspedes’ safety and location. They discovered out he left and the squad understood his decision not to spend the remainder of the season until they had contacted his counsel when they delivered a security to the rooms in Céspedes.


Céspedes’ stay in Mets is concluded by accepting the expiry of its contract at the end of the season. The nebulous storyline today was probably the most acceptable way to complete Mets’ career – from heros of 2015 to divisive injuries that he sustained for almost two years-at the age of 34 years – a captivating display for Mets fans.

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