Please read all instructions before beginning your Softball / Baseball Fence installation.

  1. Hold a long string on rope (at least the length of your desired arc) on the front edge of home plate.
  2. Walk the string off in the outfield, placing various temporary paint marks (or stakes) on the foul lines, and at numerous points in the outfield so that the desired arc is easily seen.
  3. Install first sleeve on the left field foul line so that the anchor holding the first fence leg is aligned exactly on the foul line.
  4. Insert the spring–based post anchor into the sleeve
  5. Stand up first fence frame and insert the left leg (as you face the front) of the frame into the spring on the post anchor so that the edge of the fence is exactly aligned on the left field line (Note: If you desire to continue the fencing so that it ties into the chain link extending behind the dugouts, disregard this instruction. It is only for venues that plan to run the fence from foul line to foul line). DO NOT INSTALL ALL THE ANCHORS BEFORE MOUNTING FENCE FRAMES. THE FRAMES SHOULD BE MOUNTED AFTER EVERY INSERTION OF A POST
  6. Now lower the frame to mount the right side of the frame and insert into the spring. PLEASE NOTE THAT, ONCE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE FRAME HAS BEEN INSERTED TO THE SPRING, IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO BEND THE FENCE DOWNWARD SLIGHTLY TO INSERT PROPERLY INTO THE SPRING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE FRAME. With a little practice, the legs should be easily inserted into the springs so they align properly.
  7. Now follow the arc you have made and drop in the next post anchor into the next ground sleeve at the appropriate distance and stand the frame up so that the right side of the fence frame slips onto the left side spring on the base anchor. The distance should be approximately 9’ 8”. The spring on the post anchor will determine the correct placement of the frame.
  8. Follow this process from left field to right until all frames are installed and the fence is correctly aligned on both the left field and right field foul lines. (Your arc may have to be slightly modified to get the rightmost fence panel aligned exactly on the right field line).
  9. Velcro One-Wrap has been supplied with your order. Cut the Velcro into strips that allow the fence frames to be joined at the side, approximately 8 “ from the top of the fence frames. There should be enough Velcro in a box to supply an entire fence.
  10. Yellow Top Pad (if included in your order) ships with a scored center point. You will need to cut through the scored portion (down the middle) to open the top pad so that it can be placed over your fence frames. The top pads are 8 ft in length, whereas the fence frames are 9’8” wide. This enables the top pad to create a continuous line at the top, rather than having breaks at the junction of every fence
  11. Wind: Please remember that the springs will flex in the wind but will minimize damage to your Baseball Fence that may occur with high winds or collision.