The 2021 MLB Draft portable sports fence will be delayed from June to July 11-13, and will be conducted in conjunction with the All-Star festivities in Atlanta next year, says Kiley McDaniel from ESPN. The length of the draft for next year is also not fixed in motion, although it would be longer than the highly truncated five-round game for this year. The March league-MLBPA agreement which called for the five-round draft also stipulated that the 2021 draft should be at least 20 rounds, per McDaniel. The same postponement of bonus payouts — $100 K up front, followed by 50% of the balance in both of the intervening two years — will stay in effect. And again, unsigned players will be entitled to a signing bonus of up to $20 K.

The transition to All-Star week creates substantial media tools for the game for MLB, placing it at a period when most of the public attention is still on Major League baseball. At this time, the NBA and NHL are not officially expected to be in season, and the delayed Summer Olympics are not due to commence until July 23. And since the draft would be distancing itself from the closure of the college and high school seasons, more big stars in the sport may be willing to join in person.

Carlos Collazo, with J.J. Cooper of Baseball America points out that franchises in the Big League have traditionally requested a formal diagnostic evaluation to obtain further details on prospects and prevent problems that may arise when the clinical assessment of a draftee reveals anatomical warning flags that lead the company and adjust its offer. Such incidents — remember the ugly scene in 2014 where the Astros threatened Brady Aiken’s elbow’s No. 1 overall selection — portable sports fence may be more public-facing than either of the people concerned would like, which may have major trickle-down consequences in a draft class. However, with the draft taking place weeks after the conclusion of the college season, a type of surgical mix seems much more feasible. Multiple promotional and recruitment activities, such as tournaments or showcases for top stars in the draft, can also be organized potentially leading to the game. seo

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