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Please see. Home Run fence. You’re stuck inside. We’re just caught up in the middle. The best thing we can do is we all go through it. It is a wonderful time. We have to be stuck and depressed at home. Okay, you need a baseball movie, right? Baseball is finally going to rise. For now, though, these baseball films will get you. Everything in it… There’s still football.

Baseball’s older, and the first movies featured well-known baseball players like the stars themselves. In many ways they were our first film stars. Just off the Bat was the first baseball film ever made, and John “Mugsy” McGraw was the protagonist of the film The Birth of a World, the morally loathsome yet film-like revolutionary. McGraw actually appeared over a decade in dozens of movies. There was nothing in the film industry to represent America but baseball.

Many of the most famous films of the century since were baseball and why not? The story of baseball is the tale of our days, of heroes and villains, of glory and shame. This is the most exciting of our sport because it is all about men, their shortcomings and their glories. If baseball were never born, the films had to be invented.

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And it’s really the job to sit down and list the best 25 ever made baseball films. You will find their historical significance in the annals of film history… But it’s also baseball, yeah: it should be fun. I’m sure no movies here that could make your list. These are, indeed, the 25 baseball films that best reflect the sport, both on the screen and in the real world. Remember: There is no crying in baseball, but weeping even in baseball movies.

1. The Mound Speaks. Bull Durham (1988). The tricks to break down. The techniques of motivational management. What a side to fight with. Bull Durham is a film portraying the excitement and hype of baseball better than any previous movie, with an all-time cast. It’s just better to see a real baseball game than to watch that video. And just barely.

2. A League of Their Own (1992) a movie with as few other films as baseball and a great story that few people know about. From top to bottom, the cast is impressive— even Madonna is great in it! And it has the good fortune of Tom Hanks, who became the world’s biggest movie star just before he became the crucible boss.

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