Poles-GreenBoxSportaflex Portable Economy Fence 2Sportaflex Portable Economy Fence 1Our new economy fence is pretty special and we think you'll agree after comparing our product with what's on the market today.  Here are a few reasons to choose Sportaflex:
  • Our poles are made of aluminum. They will last!
  • Our aluminum poles are strong so your fence won't suffer from the "smiley-face" sag factor that happens often with standard Enduro style fencing.
  • While our poles will last forever, we have designed a patented safety feature that reduces the risk of injury should a player collide with a pole. A plastic insert will breakaway upon sufficient impact, reducing the risk of injury to a player and damage to the pole. The affordable insert can quickly and easily be replaced and the fence is ready to go again.
  • You can actually retrofit your current Enduro style fencing and replace with our unbreakable poles!  It's the perfect solution to maximize the life of your fence.
  • If it's time for new rollout fencing, our unique tensioning system will ensure your fence won't sag this year.Tension-GreenBox
Keep your fence straight with Sportaflex.  Call us today at 800-511-3596 or fill out this contact form to receive your customized quote! AvoidtheSag    

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