We’ve Fixed Rollout Fencing

BrokenPoleComboIf you currently have the rollout mesh product commonly called Enduro fencing, you may be having trouble keeping your fence vertical.  Broken plastic poles are a common complaint from most users of this type of portable fencing.  Sportaflex introduces its aluminum unbreakable pole, designed to keep your fencing pointing straight up, while providing an enhanced breakaway design.  Our nylon insert will help reduce the likelihood of injury upon impact.

Should a player collide with one of our aluminum poles, our replaceable nylon insert will break away, reducing a player’s risk of injury.  A replacement insert can quickly be re-inserted and the fence is ready to go again!SleeveCutAway

You can retrofit your current rollout fencing and take advantage of our unbreakable poles – click here to inquire.

If you are in need of new rollout fencing, take advantage of these special poles in addition to our “no sag” tensioning system which will keep your fence from having that “smiley face” sag.  Find out more here.